Energy that transforms

Integrated Report 2021

Facts that inspire us

Learn the facts that inspire us and the achievements that propelled us towards growth in line with our Corporate Strategy during 2021.

With solar energy, we accelerate the energy transition

“At Celsia, we believe that the expression ‘energy transition’ is going to wear out because Colombia is already producing 805 of its energy from renewable sources, it is a goal that has been achieved. We should feel very proud.”

Ricardo Sierra, líder de Celsia

We recharge electric mobility

The migration process toward the decarbonization of electric energy is a reality, and we are present to accompany this change.

El Tesorito Thermal Electric Power Plant, backup energy

The El Tesorito Thermal Electric Power Plant, which we are building in the town of San Antonio in Sahagún, Córdoba, will begin operation this year.

The wind drives us in La Guajira

ACACIA 2 and CAMELIA, CAMELIA 1 and CAMELIA 2 are our first wind parks in Colombia.

We close the gender gap

We are an inclusive Company, with labor conditions and opportunities that transcend the gender gaps.

We enrich the life of clients

We work to provide our clients with quality energy service and to advise them on its efficient use.

In Valle del Cauca, energy with outstanding service

Con eficiencia, tecnología e innovación, operamos nuestro sistema de transmisión y distribución de energía para garantizar un servicio excepcional, confiable y competitivo.

En Valle del Cauca y en Tolima. Cuando la energía llega por primera vez

Con la electrificación rural las familias campesinas encienden sus vidas y acceden a nuevas posibilidades de estudio y trabajo, mientras que en las comunidades mejora la percepción de seguridad.

Carbon neutrality, a big step for the planet

Our Climate Change Strategy includes mitigation, compensation and adaptation actions, and is aligned with the Grupo Argos Strategy.

Conscious financing

The foray into financial instruments and alliances that allow us to promote the development of projects that are low in carbon emissions and resilient to climate change is part of our firm commitment to a sustainable and environmentally responsible economic development model.