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Integrated Report 2021

Celsia Culture

Talent Attraction and Retention

Our Talent Attraction and Retention Strategy allows us to have employees who are personally and professionally committed.

GRI (103-1) Having happy, committed and trained employees in their jobs is the best way to turn our clients into true fans.  For this reason, at Celsia we dare to be different; we embrace diversity and design strategies to attract, develop and retain human talent, in which we include tools that promote inclusion, where opportunities and working conditions transcend gender gaps and are the same for all our employees, for whom we permanently improve their working conditions and environment.

GRI (103-2) Improving the quality of life of our human talent and their families in this time of so much uncertainty is the purpose of our Employee Experience Programs, as we are convinced of the power that transformation has for our society and – ultimately – for our Organization, where the Celsia culture is felt and lived in each space, and it is one of our differentiating factors in the market.  We focus on generating memorable moments for our employees, from their incorporation process to the Company, making sure that everyone lives our culture on a daily basis.  We work hard to make Celsia a great place to work, in order to attract the talent we need to achieve the Company’s goals.

Celsia culture is based on four pillars, which are present in our DNA and which we live daily:

We dare to be different
We are agile and reliable.
We give our best to grow together
• Disfrutamos haciendo la vida más fácil.
We enjoy making life easier
GRI (103-3)

We develop data analytics in the talent-attraction process, in order to have information that allows us to make real-time projections and improvements in the selection process.

We designed and developed the in-house Fit Cultural test; we executed the pilot and aligned it with Summa, the Shared-Services Center for the companies that make up Grupo Argos.

We accompanied Summa in the restructuring project of the Shares-Services Center, which most of the selection processes are carried out, at the level of Specialists and Technicians.

We increased compliance with the indicators associated with the processes of diversity, inclusion, promotion and the development of our personnel.

We increased filling vacancies with internal candidates. This shows us that promotion and development opportunities are active for our employees.


We ratified the Gender-Equality Seal in the Gold Category in Panama.

We monitored how the generational-diversity indicator behaves, in order to discover how this diversity complements and enriches work environments, improves decisions and drives innovation in our Organization.

We encouraged and rewarded leadership through the Orange Leader Contest, seeking – with this initiative – that the most-outstanding employees be nominated for being an example of the Celsia culture, with key characteristics that reflect our leadership style.

GRI (401-2) We seek that our employees have different benefits that fit their needs and which seek to positively impact their quality of life.

Reconciliation of work and personal life:

  • Flexibility in working hours and work modality.
  • Paid days of rest.
  • Marriage leave of absence.
  • Extended maternity, paternity and breastfeeding leave of absence
  • Talks associated with wellness issues.
  • Reading club.
  • Writing workshop.

Health and Wellness:

  • Life, personal accident and disability insurance policy.
  • Health insurance for the employee and their primary family group.
  • Medical and dental offices in some locations.
  • Payment of 100% of the salary in disabilities up to 180 days.
  • COVID-19 vaccination days.
  • Health days.
  • Psychological and medical support.
  • Breastfeeding rooms at the Medellín and Yumbo locations.
  • An app to promote good physical and mental condition.

Personal Finances:

  • Bonuses for food, gasoline, technology and experiences.
  • Institutional savings plans.
  • Aid, sponsorship and Educational scholarships for employees and their children.
  • Variable short- and long-term compensation.
  • Loans for housing, education, vehicle and calamity.
  • Bonus for recognition of pension.

We take measurements and pulses of the work environment and the commitment of employees to ensure that our work environments are healthy and safe, and understand what really commits each employee to remain in our Company.  This allows us to ensure that our value proposition to the employee and action plans are effective and that their experience is satisfactory.

At Celsia, we Measure ourselves to continue improving and growing constantly; for this reason, we evaluate employee performance to enhance and highlight their skills and be aware of opportunities for improvement.

Below, we present the turnover and mobility figures of our employees during the year, broken down by nationality, geographical area, age groups, gender and job category:

The following are the numbers of voluntary and total resignations, segmented by each of the geographies where we operate, age groups, gender, job category and nationality, in addition to the respective average and total cost of hiring, destined to the recruitment and selection processes of new employees.

At Celsia, we know that human talent is the heart of our Company:  People are a fundamental factor in meeting our Organizational Objectives.

We present to you our new Celsians, who are part of our Company and help us to continue delivering the best energy.

We seek that promotion and development opportunities are active within the Organization.  These are the vacancies that were filed by internal candidates:

Awards and Recognitions

Recognition by and obtaining the Equipares Silver Seal, awarded by the Colombian Ministry of Labor and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

  • Ratification of the Gold Category Gender Equality Seal, awarded by the Panamanian Ministry of Labor and Labor Development (Mitradel) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

MERCO Talento Colombia recognized Celsia in the ranking that measures the 100 companies with the best position in the labor market in the country, where we ranked 32nd among all companies and 3rd in the Energy, Gas and Water Sector.

According to MERCO Empresas – the Corporate Reputation Business Monitor – Celsia ranked 43rd among the 100 companies in Colombia recognized in this ranking and 3rd in the Energy, Gas and Water Sector.

New Challenges

GRI (103-2)

These are our short-, medium- and long-term challenges:

 (0 to 2 years)

From the Organizational Development team we work on several projects directly or indirectly helps to attract the best talent to the organization. On our various fronts, we have goals and projects, such as:

  • Strengthening Organizational skills, thinking about the employee and their development for the future, contributing both to their professional and personal growth.
  • Living the Fit Culture experience and adhesion processes.
  • Maintaining monitoring of the moments of truth of the employee’s experience.
  • Consolidating the dashboards with indicators that help us make the best decisions, taking pulses that help continue strengthening employee attraction, selection and retention.
  • Strengthening employer brand actions.
  • Closing gender-equity gaps.
(3 to 5 years)

Deploy the Culture 2.0 inside the Company.  For this we focus on:

  • Simplifying and digitizing process, since – by having simpler processes and being more digital – we continue to be attractive as a great company to work for.
  • Applying Phase 2.0 of the behavioral descriptors associated with each of the pillars of culture.
  • Implementing trend analyses; for example, compensation and new work models.
  • Encouraging flexibility in the forms of work.
  • Developing training programs with SENA, which strengthen the skills of the female-labor market in the energy sector.
(6 or more years)
  • Being one of the best companies to work for in the energy sector in the countries where we are present, with a focus on the business of electric mobility, retail and Internet and the digital commercialization of energy.
  • Advancing in the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, focused on closing gender-equity gaps.
  • Highlighting the deployment and maintenance of the employee experience through the moments that matter in the employee life cycle, putting our Good-Energy Culture into action in order to generate memorable experiences, raising the level of engagement and, thus, continue to be a great place to work!
  • Maintaining favorability, building trust and commitment within our work environment.
  • Developing training programs in soft skills with simulators, using virtual-reality technology.


Celsia Culture:   The way of doing things in the Company, understanding that it is the best way to establish it as a pioneering, innovative, disruptive, empathetic and value-generating company for all our Stakeholders.

Cultural Fit:  A test to identify the characteristics of the Celsia Culture and, thus, evaluate it in new hires during the selection process.

Employee Engagement:  Perception of the type and quality of relationships and feelings that the Company produces in our employees.

Equipares Seal:  The Equipares Seal is a certification program that recognizes companies and organizations that effectively implement the Gender-Equity Management System.  This certification is awarded by the Colombian Ministry of Labor and the Presidential Council for Women’s Equity, with the technical support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

MEGA:  Large and Ambitious Goal (Meta Grande y Ambiciosa) that provides strategic guidelines to the Organization.